The Livingstone Club

Recognizing our guests and their loyalty

The Livingstone Club was created to thank our travelers for placing their Africa safari plans in our hands. For over 25 years Bushtracks’ travelers have returned to Africa again and again. Many have been twice, some have returned three or four times, and a few have explored Africa over ten times with Bushtracks.

When you travel with Bushtracks, you are automatically enrolled in The Livingstone Club, allowing you to enjoy benefits on your future Bushtracks safaris, and to share the unforgettable experience of a Bushtracks safari with your friends and family.

Explorer David Livingstone, from whom our club takes its name, was a nineteenth century missionary, explorer, scientist, and abolitionist, whose contributions to Africa are commemorated with a statue at Victoria Falls, among other places. Bushtracks, whose owners hail from Zimbabwe and Zambia, shares a special connection with Livingstone’s sense of adventure, thirst for discovery, and his commitment to the people and wildlife of Africa.

As a Livingstone Club member you’ll receive these exclusive benefits: 

  1. A complimentary, chauffeured luxury town car to and from your local U. S. airport within a 60-mile radius of the airport, when you book your next Bushtracks custom safari or one of our Private Jet group expeditions. One of the best ways we can start your safari in comfort, and end it with convenience is to arrange a luxury chauffeured drive from your door step to your airline check in, and by meeting you off your return flight and delivering you home in quiet comfort.  
  2. A $300 gift certificate when your friends or family travel with Bushtracks. If your friends or family ultimately decide to travel with Bushtracks, we will show our appreciation for your referral by sending you a $300 gift certificate which you can apply to a spa treatment, dinner at your favorite restaurant, or a case of wine from one of our local Healdsburg, California wineries.
  3. Advance notice of new Bushtracks safaris, including our Expeditions by Private Jet. 
  4. Priority wait-list on sold-out Expeditions by Private Jet. 

For more information please give us a call at 1-800-995-8689, or e.mail us at info@bushtracks.com


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