You won't find a more experienced group of Africa experts than our team of California-based travel planners. When you call to plan your safari, you will speak with a fellow travel-enthusiast - not a call-center representative - who has explored the places you want to discover. Our planners are as skilled at helping you articulate your safari dreams as they are at realizing them for you. Once your plans are made, they will remain available to you as you prepare for your journey, and during your travels provide peace of mind with around-the-clock logistics and support
David is a sixth-generation Southern African, born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe, later earning a Bachelor of Science degreen in DNA technology from the University of Cape Town, South Africa. He founded Bushtracks Expeditions in 1989 and has been traveling extensively throughout Africa for more than 45 years. Combing his interest in ecosystems and the varied ecology of Africa with photographic safaris, he develops educational programs that include traditional cultures and wildlife. He is keenly interested in how nature tourism affects rural African communities and has worked with several projects that successfully integrate communities, the environment, and wildlife viewing.

david tett

Co-Founder and President
Carolyn's family has lived on the west coast of the U.S. for six generations. She attended the University of California, Berkeley and, during her junior year, she studied at the University of St. Andrew's in Scotland. While in the U.K., Carolyn met a charming and adventurous Zimbabwean, David Tett, who captivated her heart and instilled in her the fascination and thrill of travel, which they still share today. Many years, countless trips to Africa and two children later, CArolyn serves as the bridge between American sensibilities and David's grass-roots understanding of Africa. She is still active in sales and is a vigilant protector of the Bushtracks experience, continually working to ensure that our quality never wavers. Her passion for Africa and relentless demand for excellence have allowed us to maintain our high-level service as we've grown in the past 25 years, and will continue as we grow in the decades ahead.

carolyn tett

Co-Founder and Vice President
Lyn has been with Bushtracks since 2005, becoming an expert, not just in the wild areas of Africa and India, but in how travelers best enjoy these places. Her travels throughout India, South Africa, Botswana, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe have given her personal experience in a wide variety of camps and ecosystems. Lyn is our director of operations, ensuring that a focus on client needs permeates our entire office culture.

lyn lavery

director of operations
Africa safari tours are all about animals and adventure - And so is Samantha. She studied marine biology at university, is a certified SCUBA diver, and worked at a sport fishing lodge in Costa Rica. Some of her favorite trips have been to Rwanda and Uganda to spend time with gorillas, Brazil to spot jaguars, and Kenya and Tanzania to see too many animals to name. Sam's expansive experience and enthusiasm for adventure make her a superb person to help you plan your Africa safari.

samantha barbitta

senior program coordinator
Although she's lived in Australia, Mexico, and Italy, after her first trip to Africa, Lauren enthusiastically described herself as a "self-appointed ambassador to Africa" urging everyone she knows to go and experience the natural world as it can only be doen in Africa. With a background in international travel, Lauren is thrilled to ffoer guests a truly authentic safari experience where "you can see our over 25 years' experience in every camp we pick."

lauren reale

program coordinator, independent travel
Daniela's first word was 'lion' while she excitedly pointed at a sheep. Ever since, curiosity for life's mysteries and adventures has permeated her personal journey which most recently saw her supporting hospitality, tourism and conservation organizations on Kauai. She loves anything aerial from flying trapeze to to flying helicopters and when she is not coordinating the many logistical elements of our jet trips, she can be found game viewing in her Healdsburg backyard.

daniela powers

program coordinator, group travel

In Our Travelers' Words

"We all woke up early together, had a fun breakfast together, and then embarked together on an exciting quest to see what animals and sights would be seen that day! There were no decisions or discussions about what would be done each day. There wasn’t a thought about meals or who would make them…and they were all SO good.”

Julie Muller, 2016

"This was our first Africa visit; we'd thought about it for years and then in my husband's semi-retirement we thought that if we didn't do it NOW it would never happen. We were up and out in the Land Cruiser before sunrise each day to catch photos of wildebeests, and one morning, elephants, silhouetted with acacias on a ridge line as the sun rose. We ended our days with late-night nibbles and new friends from across the English-speaking world.”

Pat and Art Hoeft, 2014

"We wanted to experience as much as we could in two weeks in Africa and make it something our children and niece and nephew would never forget. Bushtracks worked with us to make it a trip of a lifetime. From taking the cable car to the top of Table Mountain, seeing the Big Five, cheetah cubs, and the legendary honey badger, to getting soakede at Victoria Falls in Zambia, Bushtracks made sure our adventures were seamless."

W. Keith and Stacy Campbell, 2015

"We each had our own reasons for wanting to go on this trip. Mary Beth, for example is a biologist at heart, and wanted to see animals in their natural habitat. Collectively, our group of friends had always wanted to go to Botswana, and we had the most fabulous time. Between crimson sunrises and South African Sauvignon Blanc sundowners, we covered a lot of ground. Maybe most astonishing was ”

Jigga Dunn, 2015

"Bushtracks was fantastic at putting together our dream family holiday in Africa. Everything ran like clockwork, the accommodations chosen were faultless. The knowledge of our guides and trackers at the camps were amazing and, as well as seeing so much, we also learnt at the same time and left with memories to last a lifetime.”

James and Emma Clemence, 2014

"The thrill of discovering these magnificent creatures in their habitat with good friends was truly a lifelong memory. Being in the bush, and in the capable hands of fantastic guides, is both humbling and inspirational. Being so, so close to wild dogs, lions, leopards, elephants, etc, etc, was often breathtaking. We will be back.”

Steve and Debbie Baloff, 2016

"This was our fourth trip to Africa, and by far the best. We keep going back because we love the whole experience: the people, the wildlife, their behavior, the environment, the accommodations, the music, everything. We chose Bushtracks for this custom adventure with two goals: to see the migration and to see the gorillas. WOW! It was perfect! Twelve river crossings, four leopards, several cheetahs, countless lions, 500,000 wildebeests, at least 100,000 zebras, and on and on. Amazing!”

Tamar Sherer and Chris Cooperr, 2014

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