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Our Expert Safari Planners

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We are a group of people who love planning safaris. We've been doing it for over 25 years, and still get a thrill from planning out a really good safari that wow our travelers. And when they come back and tell us it was the best trip they have ever taken, it fuels us to meticulously plan the next great experience.

Bushtracks is owned and managed by David and Carolyn Tett. David was born and raised in Zimbabwe. Since their honeymoon in Africa in 1991, they have traveled to over 30 African countries, and well over 100 wildlife reserves and wild places.

We also have a tight team of excellent trip planners. As a group they have traveled all over Africa. They live and breathe African logistics every day. They listen carefully to our guests, then match them with the most appropriate safari lodges, activities, and experiences.


David Tett Owner and Founder

David is a sixth-generation Southern African, born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe, later earning a Bachelor of Science degree in DNA technology from the University of Cape Town, South Africa.  He founded Bushtracks expeditions in 1989 and has been traveling extensively throughout Africa for more than 45 years. Combining his interest in ecosystems, David develops educational programs that include traditional cultures and wildlife. 

Carolyn Tett Co-Founder and Owner

Carolyn’s family has lived on the West Coast of the U.S. for six generations. She attended the University of California, Berkeley and, during her junior year, she studied at the University of St. Andrew’s in Scotland. While in the U.K, Carolyn met a charming and adventurous Zimbabwean, David Tett, who captivated her heart and instilled in her the fascination and thrill of travel, which they still share today. Many years, countless trips to Africa and two children later, Carolyn serves as the bridge between American sensibilities and David's grass-roots understanding of Africa. 

Lyn Lavery Safari Specialist, Group Travel

Lyn is a Bushtracks Group Travel Planner and our Director of Operations. Lyn has been with Bushtracks since 2005, becoming a safari expert, not just in the wild areas of Africa and India, but in how travelers best enjoy those places. Her travels throughout India, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Tanzania have given her personal experience in a wide variety of camps and ecosystems. As Director of Operations, Lyn ensures that a focus on client needs permeates our entire company culture. She is a watchful eye as details flow through the office, a skilled firefighter if an emergency arises, and an expert educator in incorporating our experience into planning procedure.

Samantha Barbitta Safari Specialist, Independent Travel

Africa safari tours are all about animals and adventure. And so is Samantha. She studied marine biology at university, is a certified SCUBA diver and worked at a sport fishing lodge in Costa Rica for two and a half years. Some of her favorite trips have been to Rwanda (to spend time with gorillas), Brazil (to spot jaguars) and Kenya and Tanzania (to see too many animals to name.) When she’s not traveling or working, she also spends quite a bit of time riding horses. And not to be without animals while she works, Sam often brings her very personable greyhound, Libby, to the office. If you’re looking for animals and adventure, Sam's expansive experience and enthusiasm for adventure make her a superb person to help you plan your Africa safari luxury vacation.

Lauren Reale Associate Safari Planner

Although she's lived in Australia, Mexico and Italy, after her first trip to Africa, Lauren enthusiastically describes herself as a "self-appointed ambassador to Africa" urging everyone she knows to go and experience the natural world as it can only be done in Africa. With a background in international travel, Lauren is thrilled to offer guests a truly authentic safari experience where "you can see our 25 years' experience in every camp we pick."


Nicholas Tett Safari Planner, UK Division

Nicholas, like his brother David, was born in what is now Zimbabwe. He grew up and was educated there before going to the University of Bristol in England. Nick’s passion for Africa, its people, the wildlife and ecosystems developed at an early age from the wonderful experiences he enjoyed on remote family farms and cattle ranches and on the expeditions to some very wild places he was taken to by his grandfather, parents and school. Nick has worked in the African travel industry for over 25 years, visited almost all the best destinations on the continent and helped both David and Carolyn and the youngest Tett brother, Christopher, with the development of Bushtracks Expeditions and Bushtracks Africa. Based in London, Nicholas uses his understanding and extensive knowledge of Africa to help travelers from Britain and Europe design their itineraries while supported by the excellent research and efficient administrative teams in California.

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