Because She Said "I Do"

Newlyweds Jessica and Taylor Wood Honeymooning in Tanzania Discover Tanzania

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The Rowland Family's Grand Adventure

Judy and Tom Took Their Family on Safari to South Africa Before Their Children Left For College

Rich & Sarah's Magical Zambia Wedding

"We will remember the experience forever. It was truly magical.” - Rich and Sarah Moriarity Adventure Safari in Botswana & Zambia

Kyle's Christmas Surprise to His Mom Ann

Kyle surprised his mother Ann at Christmas a safari in Tanzania because it has been a lifelong dream of hers

The Ultimate Mother & Daughter Bond

"Lion tracking...rhinos in Lewa, and the Serengeti — what a treat!!! - Valerie Moussou & Cassandra Gluck Discover Kenya's Private Reserves

Africa is Dream for Photographers

"Text here to come ." - Wildlife Photographer Ken Zaremba

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Our Travelers' Stories

Our Travelers Say it Best 

Dear Traveler,

For over 20 years, Bushtracks Expeditions has passionately presented the idea of traveling to Africa, and described our safaris in a thousand ways. We know, without a doubt, it is a priceless experience because we were born and raised there. But Africa’s magic is hard to convey, particularly to those who have never been. So we turned to some of our travelers to see how they feel about their African experience, and why they decided to go. At the end of the day, our travelers say it best.



David and Carolyn Tett
Founders, Bushtracks Expeditions



Jessica and Taylor Wood Central Serengeti, Tanzania

“Going to Africa on our honeymoon was the best choice we ever made! The safari was an unbelievable way to start our married life…the camp staff, other guests, and owners/managers were great people, and our guide was amazing – spotting leopards in trees and cheetahs hundreds of yards away…What better way to start the ‘wild life’ of marriage than with a wild African safari.”



Nancy and John Neerhout Mnemba Island, Zanzibar Archipelago, Tanzania

“Every stop was different and an amazing adventure. John and I hope to do it again, perhaps to different venues, in a few years with the next set of grandkids. Having gone to Tanzania in 2009 with John’s daughter and grandkids, we vowed to return with my daughter and her 2 boys and do a similar trip. We witnessed the amazing migration across the Mara River and boated up the Rufiji River amongst the hippos and crocodiles, and fished for catfish for dinner at sunset. From there we flew to Zanzibar and boated over to Mnemba Island: a gorgeous, sugar–white, sand island resort. The boys earned their Open Water Scuba
Certificate and dove the reefs in the Indian Ocean, swam with dolphins, and watched the Green Turtles hatch (and protected them in their dash to the sea). It was a chance for us all to wash the safari dust away.”



Joseph C. McAlhany, Jr. Tarangire National Park, Tanzania

“We experienced the best family trip ever in East Africa when we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary with our son, daughter and her family. We developed a love for Africa and were overwhelmed by the sincere friendliness of its people: both our guides and the staffs of our lodges. And especially, we marveled at Tanzania’s beauty, its volcanic mountains and savannas, and the spectacle of magnificent animals and
raw, unspoiled nature existing as they have for centuries, unbounded by borders or fences. Truly, for our family, a trip of a lifetime!”






Cheryl and Steven Kole Botswana, Southern Africa

“Being on safari is the ultimate travel experience – it is a childhood of devouring National Geographic come to life in vivid color, far surpassing expectations! Africa is full of surprises! Every day on safari holds expectations but it is the unexpected that overwhelms. We have been fortunate to have experienced two very different safaris, both arranged by Bushtracks. It continually amazes us that we can be in the most remote locations
and yet everything happens with precision, of course, with the exception of the animals! However, the guides miraculously find the baby leopard sleeping in a tree, the mother cheetah scowling at her cubs and an impressive elephant stampede with hundreds of elephants who actually stop for the ‘grandmothers’ to catch up. It is difficult to explain the fascination with Africa to one who has not been. It is an opportunity to witness nature in its purest state.”

Autumn Erickson

Rich and Sarah Moriarity Chiawa Camp, Zambia, Southern Africa

“Chiawa Camp was an ideal location for our wedding, and the experience was beyond what we had ever imagined and hoped for. The staff handled every detail: going out into the bush to pick flowers and twigs for our wedding ceremony, bringing in the Chiawa Choir to liven up the event, and taking amazing photos. We had champagne in the tent while we were getting ready and the choir welcomed us separately down the aisle during sunset. The local village pastor conducted the ceremony, which took place in camp, down by the water, with hippos, birds and a few crocs! After the ceremony Rich and I were whisked off to a private dinner on the Chiawa barge in the middle of the Zambezi River. We will remember the experience forever. It was truly magical.”



Ken Zaremba and Susan Kamprath Meru National Park, Kenya

“The continual anticipation and sudden discovery of what lies around the next bend in the road makes an African Safari adventure exhilarating, exciting and immensely rewarding. The amazing animals, clean air, solitude, beautiful landscapes, expertly staffed safari camps and skilled knowledgeable guides have
provided experiences that keep us coming back time after time, year after year.”


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