"An adventure for all 12 of us: ages 4 to 73"

Our Travelers Say it Best 

“We got to experience Africa together.”

Our Travelers Say it Best

“There were surprises all along the way.”

Our Travelers Say it Best

In Our Travelers' Words

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Over 60% of our guests are repeat travelers or refered by friends and family

For over 25 years we have passionately presented the idea of traveling to Africa, and described our safaris in a thousand ways. We know, without a doubt, it is a priceless experience because we were born and raised there. But Africa’s magic is hard to convey, particularly to those who have never been.

So, we turned to some of our travelers to see how they feel about their luxury African safari travel experiences, and why they decided to go. At the end of the day our travelers are most qualified to describe the African safari experience, and they certainly say it best.


Family Safari The Louie Family

"When Mimi and Lily (our now 15 year old daughters) were in 4th grade studying the Earth and its continents, we decided as a family to try and visit all seven continents before they went to college. Our epic African adventure matters to us for so many reasons: for the lifetime memories, the family bonding time, and getting to experience Africa in our individual ways together." -Leland Louie, Healthcare Executive

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Multi-Generational Safari Tom & Judy Rowland

“When you are embarking on a Grand Adventure that will involve everyone near and dear to you nothing can be left to chance…I had heard that if Bushtracks was doing the planning all you had to do for yourself is Breathe! So true.”–Judy Rowland, Writer, Storyteller, & Grandmother

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Active Safari Tamar Sherer & Chris Cooper

“Experiencing the migration was like witnessing a miracle in process. Could it get any better? Yes - the gorilla treks were the most exhausting thing I’ve ever done, but worth every exhilarating ache...” Tamar Sherer, Retired Financial Executive

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Celebration Safari Stacey Weaver & John Beck

"On our final day we watched three cheetahs make a kill that was stolen within minutes by a mother leopard. Without a doubt, it was one of the most exciting things we've ever witnessed. I can't imagine a better experience, and we already are planning to come back for my 70th birthday in 2017." -Stacey Weaver, Investment Business, Retired

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Independent Safari Kathy & Vince Nahman

"Going on safari has been on the top of our bucket list for years. Our 30 year anniversary gave us the perfect excuse! Luckily we had six other close friends with the same dream. -Kathy and Vince Nahman

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Photographic Safari Don & Susan Pine

“We knew we would see many animals up close, but the reality of being ‘right there’, observing their natural behavior exceeded our expectations. Perhaps most surprising was how numerous and colorful the birds were. As a photographer, Africa was a dream-come-true!”-Susan Pine,Teacher & Volunteer

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